Posted by: Brooke Hukill | April 14, 2009

An Easter Hangover

I truly hope everyone enjoyed their Easter Sunday. As for the Hukill Family…maybe the best one to date! Maybe it’s just me getting sentimental with it being the last one before Tyler leaves for college, but the kids were adorable and had so much fun together. I love watching our 4, even spread out by 16 years, giggle and play together. Nothing (besides Mr. Hukill) can melt my heart faster!

So now here we are the day after with a chocolate, peep crazed, m&m sugar hangover and 32 hard boiled eggs. What am I supposed to do now?

Well with money being a little tight in the Hukill household…oh who’s kidding…with money being non-existent. After all we do have 4 kids, do you know how expensive those little ‘angels’ can be?!?! Anyways, there is no room for wasting perfectly good food even if it is eggs. So for the sake of thriftiness I decided to once again do a “breakfast for dinner” night.

Now don’t turn your nose up until you’ve tried it. (oh Lord, I just sounded like my mother!) I promise it’s amazingly good and has been a family tradition going way back in my family tree.

Egg on Toast

Ingredients: 10 or so hard boiled eggs, flour, butter, milk, salt&pepper


Okay, I promise you can do this but be patient.  I don’t have exact measurements on how I make this.  It drives my hubs crazy that I don’t always measure things, but that’s how I learned to cook.  My great-grandmother never measured anything and well so it fell down the family tree.

First you want to make your gravy.  Start off by melting your butter (about 1 cup) over low heat, then slowly add flour little by little making a fairly thick paste.  Whisk milk in just a little at a time until you get a gravy like consistency.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Last, dice hard boiled eggs into  chunks and gently mix them into the gravy.  Serve over toast and Enjoy!




  1. Kind of like biscuits and sausage gravy. Sounds good!

  2. great idea, brooke! looking forward to reading future posts 😉

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