About Me…

I am blessed to be the wife of an amazing and Godly man and even more blessed to be the mom of 4 amazing children.  I am a busy stay at home mom running my own business with Pampered Chef.  I decided after having our 4th child that I wanted to stay home but I wanted something of my own too.  So I checked into all of the “at home” businesses, trying to find one that I truly believed in and could be successful at.  There were so many options, but nothing could compare to the opportunity I had with Pampered Chef.  So I have been in business for over a year and am having so much fun and bringing in a great extra income!  It’s unbelievable how much fun I get to have when I work.  I get to do the one thing I am really, really good at…. socializing with friends and sharing some great secrets.  I think my family is enjoying it too, they always get to be my taste testers for all the new recipes I’m always trying out.

My family is very involved at LifeChurch.tv.  My husband and I feel it is the most important thing in the world to raise our children in a loving and Godly home.  So that’s what we strive to do.  Our children are spread out in ages, which is actually very handy.  We have three boys; 17,7,and 22 months and one daughter; 14.  They are all very active, which definitely keeps me on my toes!  I love being a mom, it is what God designed me to do.  And I thank him everyday for giving me the opportunity to stay home with my little ones.

Thank you so much for taking time to read my blog.  I just hope to share some great tips to help other moms like me get back in the kitchen and serve their families.  If you ever have any questions at all please feel free to contact me, I love to share!



  1. hey there!
    I love your blogs! I just voted and loved your video… and I had Zac vote for you as well! Your family deserves it and I hope that you guys win!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Brooke,
    I’m a longtime school friend of Ryan and have sent out this message to vote for your family to every one I can possibly think of. I stumbled across your blog regarding wicked step-mom. Don’t ever let someone else get you down. You do what is BEST for YOUR family. She can not rule or control YOUR home. And you said it best, you can’t argue with an irrational person. It’s the same as when they say you can’t argue with a drunk. They are irrational. I don’t have quite the similar problem. Mine is my sons bio father. He split when I told him I was preg. When my son was 4 I moved to TX to be with someone I had known in school as well as dated for 2 years. When my son was 5 his bio dad decided to claim his rights. (after proving paternity 2 years prior to this) He had TWO chances and decided he didn’t want to pay child support. Well, I let him meet his son, even against the wishes of my own heart, allowed him to take his son OUT OF STATE for his families family reunion. Things went swell until two months after that and I started getting hounded with “I want his last name changed demands!” I said no-way. You weren’t there when he was born and I certainly will not ALLOW you to make me change it now that he is 4! He got mad, I said take me to court! A YEAR later, he did! The judge ruled that my child did NOT have to change his last name since he was already 5, BUT the judge that knew my husband and I were about to be married soon also court ordered that I was NOT allowed to take the name of my husband! HOW UN FAIR! Yet, I see his point. So two years down the line and MANY court dates fighting for previously ordered child support he decides to give up his parental rights! Here’s the REAL fun part……….. After months of going through an attorney in Ok as well as TX, the judge ordered us to “get the step-parent adoption rolling” his words! WE did JUST THAT. It was signed by the bio dad (THREE separate times on three separate occasions mind you) We go through the process, finally to the step-parent adoption ceremony (AND I BEGGED GOD FOR A WEEK THAT IF THIS IS WHAT HE WANTED, PLEASE DON’T LET US GO THROUGH THIS IF IT ISN’T) and then WHAM, he filed a paper ONE day before the final date he could do anything. To make this long story short, BOTH judges gave him his rights back! I was TOTALLY pissed, hurt, shocked, angry, humiliated, and just simply SHOCKED this was happening. After all, I had justice on my side, RIGHT? What I didn’t know at the time was that when bio dad changed attorneys, his old attorney allowed him FULL access to his file and somehow the original papers he signed with the judge’s ok to continue just DISAPPEARED!!) How in the world do I prove that??? I couldn’t. I tried, but couldn’t. Well, in exchange for the rights not being terminated, he was ordered to pay my child support in full before future visitation ( 20,000) And he still couldn’t make my son change his last name, I guess that was truly my biggest victory. So a week later I had the money and he was allowed to visit. i WAS STILL SO ANGRY AND EVEN ANGRY AT GOD BECAUSE I HAD BEGGED HIM.. That was all two years ago. It’s shocking to me but after that last court date, EVERYTHING got better. Now, I couldn’t ask for a better dad ( I said better,hee hee) for my son than what his bio dad has become. His step-dad is still the one my son “respects’ more and listens to with his heart. My son knows a lot of this and he is friends with his dad but his dad will NEVER have the bond or respect my son has with my husband. God works in many mysterious ways. He knew what was best and I just have to follow, even when I don’t agree at the time. I know this was extremely long and I apologize. I just wanted you to know that you are certainly not the only one but this is what I have come to realize…..I know that I can not and WILL NOT live on eggshells just to please this man. I will somehow manage to make him mad over something that won’t go his way. I can NOT worry about that. I have to look at it and say if he gets mad, he can get glad in the same shoes he got mad in! I’m doing the best I can. And like you, my BEST support system is GOD and my husband. My advice is simple, just smile and consider the source. It will get better and they aren’t kids forever! At some point you won’t even have to pretend to know her!!!
    Hope that helped you just a little.
    A mother also, Stefanie
    p.s. my family and friends have also put in a vote for the vacation give-away! Good Luck to you and Ryan

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